Credit Card Payments [$10.00 minimum please]

We accept credit card payments using the secure Stripe payment gateway.

To help us control the expensive bank fees associated with electronic payments, we are asking that credit card payments be limited to $10.00  minimum (required) and $50.00 maximum (please).  For payments over $50.00, we ask that you please pay by ACH bank debit in the section below.  Either way is optional, and there is no extra cost to you.

To pay by credit card, please enter the the invoice number(s) you are paying, the total amount of your payment  and any optional comments.  When you are ready, click the blue button.

You will see a pop-up appear.  Please enter your email address that you have on file with us, and then exactly as it appears on your credit card statement, the name, street, city, and 5 digit zip code.  Then click the “Payment Info” button.

You will see a new pop-up appear.  Here, enter your credit card number, expiration date, and security code.  You will see a “Remember me” checkbox.  If you want to have your credit card information stored in the Stripe gateway so that you will not need to enter your credit card every time, go ahead and check the box.  When you check the box, you will see a little blue “i” appear and a message about Stripe.  If you want to, click “More Info”. You will be taken to an information page on the Stripe website.  (

Basically, your credit card will be linked to your email address and your cell phone number.  When a payment is attempted, you will get a text message with a verification code.  You will need to enter that code for the payment to be completed.  Either way, we can not see your credit card information.

Lastly, click the “Pay” button with the payment amount, then wait about 10 seconds for the payment to process.  You will see a “Thank You” confirmation message with the unique Stripe Charge ID.  That’s it!

AutoPay and Credit Card Updates

If you would like us to charge your credit card for you on an ongoing basis, you will need to send us your credit card information first.  To do that, please make a one-time payment above.  Your *masked credit card will then be available so that we can use it for future payments.

If you change to a new credit card, you will also need to make a one-time payment above.

If we already have your credit card on file, but it simply expired, please email JUST the new expiration date, and security code. NEVER email the full credit card number.

*Please note that this will update the secure database at our credit card company.  We will only be able to see the last 4 digits of the credit card.


ACH Bank Debits [$50.00 and Over]

We accept ACH Bank Payments using the secure Stripe gateway.

To pay by ACH, please enter your company name as it appears on our invoices, your email address that you have on file with us, the total amount that you are paying, and the invoice numbers that you are paying.  Then click the “SELECT BANK” button.

A window from Stripe will appear. Read thoroughly and click “Agree” when you are comfortable. Basically, they work to process the transaction while telling each other the minimum required to get it done.

Next, choose your bank.  If their logo is not there, just type the name to search for it.

Next, type in your online banking user ID and password (scary huh?). Next, answer the security question if one pops up.  If you have multiple accounts, please pick the correct one, then click “Link Account”. When it says “Success!”, click “Done”.

Lastly, back at our Online Payments page, please confirm your payment by clicking the blue “Pay $” button.  That’s it!

ACH Payments