FedEx / UPS Contract and Rate Negotiation

Why go it alone when negotiating with carriers? Parcel Audit Partners' experience and expertise are respected across the industry. We can provide invaluable assistance with service analysis and negotiating strategy. We’re among a select few able to understand the pricing intricacies of each carrier to determine your ideal contract based on your specific shipping patterns.

To help you evaluate each carrier, Parcel Audit Partners will compile the most comprehensive outline of your unique shipping characteristics and identify the carrier who exhibits the greatest ability to negotiate. By leveraging our large database of historical shipping information and analysis tools, Parcel Audit Partners can make your shipping profile clearer and more manageable for carriers in negotiations.

Parcel Audit Partner’s analysis of your shipping profile includes:
  1. Corporate Spend
  2. Zone Distribution
  3. Weight Distribution
  4. Packaging
  5. Package Dimensions
  6. Conveyerable Items
  7. Shipment and Pattern Densities
  8. Residential vs. Commercial Destinations
  9. Service Type Utilization
  10. Beyond Delivery Areas
  11. Address Corrections
  12. Authorized Return Services
  13. Accessorial Charges

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