Freight is a commodity and just like any other commodity, you can get better and even the BEST rates by leveraging purchasing power.  We’ve pooled the combined purchasing power of our clients with many others to create an alliance with freight volume purchasing power of over $500 million.

The result is freight rates up to 25% below what you could get on your own, plus you will get personalized help from freight specialists at our toll-free phone number.

Our goal is to provide you with the very best asset and service choices, to simplify your freight management processes, and to give you the data and analytical tools necessary to optimize your freight spend and choices while minimizing your labor time and cost.

On our dedicated freight website, you will be able to log in, enter your freight shipment characteristics and get a quote in just a few minutes.  If you want to go ahead with the quoted shipment, you can schedule the shipment right there and print a bill of lading.  Done!

How will you know if you are billed correctly by the carrier?

Easy! We control the contracts with the carriers, so we audit the carrier invoices and pay them.  We bill you for the correct amount -as per quote- with 30 day terms.

  • Quote for Truckload, Volume LTL, LTL, Expedite and International shipments.
  • Automatic rate discounts.
  • Automatic optimization of transit times, pricing and service requirements.
  • Automatic audit of carrier invoice to eliminate errors and overcharges.
  • 30-day credit terms or credit card payments.
  • Free analytical tools.
Three levels of service based on your freight spend:

Basic: Every shipper starts here.  You will get access to the rate optimizing, quoting, tracking website and the toll-free support line.

Premium: If you are shipping consistently, we will quickly upgrade your account and build a custom web portal just for you.  It will reside behind your log in credentials and provide you with instant shipment information and advanced analytics that will give you incredible visibility into your shipping history that will highlight savings opportunities.  You get the same optimization capabilities as Basic, but we will work with you to optimize pricing on your most common shipping channels.

Platinum: Full blown negotiated rates and managed transportation service.  A true partnership where we work with you to assure that you are getting the very best pricing coupled with the best service, while measuring performance for continuous optimization.  Much, much more.

  • No cost to register and no fees except the quoted cost to order a shipment.
  • Credit cards accepted.
  • Credit terms available.


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