FedEx money back guarantee

FedEx money back guarantee for late delivery

One of the biggest money savers in shipping is the FedEx money back guarantee for late delivery on all of their ground, express, and international small parcel services.

FedEx calls these Guaranteed Service Refunds (GSR), and if they fail to make a delivery attempt by more than 60 seconds after their commitment time, the shipment is late.  Air, international and ground shipments are all covered by the FedEx money back guarantee, and FedEx will refund your shipping charges IF you request a refund within a brief window of opportunity.  They do NOT voluntarily give you refund credits.  In fact, they deliberately make it a confusing, time-consuming and frustrating experience in the hope that you will give up.

Do you know that by holding FedEx to their service guarantees, they handle your packages more carefully and a higher percentage of them are delivered on-time?  We have documented this for 18 years!  This translates into happy customers!

Do you know that there are billing errors and credits available on over 70% of carrier invoices?  When the carriers make billing mistakes, they are almost always in their favor.  Hmmmmm… You’ve got to fight back!

Parcel Audit Partners is your comprehensive solution.

We will find and process all of your available FedEx guaranteed service refunds.  In addition, we will audit for over 40 types of billing errors, and invalid surcharges.  See the Auditing page for a list.  We will do all the work to get them credited for your account and provide you with a detailed report showing exactly which invoice they were credited to.  Best of all, you do nothing to help us.

Signing up with Parcel Audit Partners is fast and free.  We only charge a commission on the amount of FedEx late shipment refunds or billing refunds we recover for you.  FedEx refunds the money directly to you as invoice or credit card credits, and we invoice for our share after you already have them, therefore it’s always profit and positive cash flow.  There is no contract, and our only fee is our agreed upon commission.

Why not sign up right now?

Interested in a free analysis?  We will analyze your shipping for the last month and let you know all of the refunds that got away!

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For a look at the FedEx money back guarantee policy on the FedEx website, visit the link below.

FedEx money back guarantee

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