Auditing for FedEx Refunds | UPS Refunds

Relax. We’ve got it.

Our auditing services are the most thorough in the industry.  We scrutinize more than 40 items and every code on your invoice to ensure that your parcel carrier is billing you correctly.  Plus, if we find nothing, our line item audit costs you nothing.

Here’s how our weekly invoice auditing service works.  FedEx Refunds | UPS Refunds

  • We get your weekly billing information directly from the carriers.
  • We import your billing information into our one of our secure servers.
  • We analyze the invoice and performance data and calculate the refunds that you are owed.
  • We contact the FedEx and UPS to secure service failure and overcharge / billing error refunds.
  • We can review your existing carrier contracts (if any) and shipping patterns, and design highly customized databases to ensure carrier compliance with your current contract.  We can also use this analysis to help you negotiate improved carrier contracts and make better service choices.
  • We can contact FedEx and UPS regarding all inconsistencies with your contract.
  • We only invoice you after your credits/refunds are credited to your accounts/invoices.
  • You sit back and relax because you do NOTHING!

Audit Items:

FedEx Refunds | UPS Refunds  for Service Quality:

-Guaranteed Service Refunds (aka GSR, Late Shipment Refunds, or Service Failure Refunds)

FedEx Refunds | UPS Refunds  for Billing Accuracy (Partial List):

Invalid or incorrect charges and surcharges for:

-Manifest Error (Non-Voids)

-Dimensional Weight Calculation Errors

-Duplicate Billings

-Rate Variances

-Residential Adjustments

-Commercial Adjustments

-Return Service Labels Not Used

-Additional Handling Charges

-Large Package Surcharges

-Saturday Pick-Up or Delivery Charge

-COD Charge Validation

-Delivery Area Surcharge

-Extended Area Surcharge

-Remote Area Surcharge

-Destination Outside Service Area

-Extended Area Surcharge

-Undeliverable Returns

-Consignee Billing Charges


-Delivery Intercept Charges

-Missing/Invalid Account Number or Refusal Fee

-Address Corrections

-Dangerous Goods

-Dry Ice

-Over Maximum Limits / Unauthorized Package Charge

-Residential Adjustments Approved- commercial rates charged

-Not aggregating same day hundredweight shipments

-Manifest and ship-different days/times

-Invalid Pickup Fees (Multiple packages-one fee per pickup per day)

-Charged for services not available to certain zip codes, service downgrade but charged the manifested service

-Shipping Charge Corrections Validated

-Air Shipping Documents Fee Validated

-Does “invoiced service level” = “received service level?”

-When a residential adjustment is applied and the residential “incentives” are applied, are they in compliance with residential contractual incentives?

-Fuel Surcharge Validation by Transaction Date

-Each package guaranteed transit time as adjusted for holidays, weekends, regional variances and service exceptions

-There are dozens more – too many to list and they change quite frequently

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We scrutinize everything! FedEx Refunds | UPS Refunds

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