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Let’s face it.  The FedEx and UPS service rules and invoices are very complex and confusing.  It’s extremely difficult to know if you are being charged correctly or if they are meeting their guaranteed service commitments.  You could spend hours and hours checking each individual charge and tracking each shipment.  That’s way too time consuming, not to mention downright boring!  You have better things to do with your time, like grow your business! 

We specialize in saving money for FedEx and UPS shippers in the middle to large market with 1) line-item invoice audit, 2) on-line reporting and visibility tools that are unparalleled in the industry, and 3) contract analysis and optimization,  Choose any or all of the above, but it’s a three punch combo that just works, and nobody does it better.

Through our work, we will actually improve your relationship with your carrier.  You will see improved service quality from them, and your shipping costs will go down!  Our clients see immediate financial results from the audit and contract review, and gain incredible visibility over their transportation costs and service performance.  This allows them to make better service choices, saving them even more money while improving their own customer service.

Best of all, our fees are strictly a percentage of the savings we generate for you.  Nothing more, so there is absolutely no risk to engaging our services.

We have been at it since 2002 and now work for thousands of shippers in nearly every state.  JOIN US TODAY!

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We pull your invoice apart and audit every line item charge for accuracy.  We scrutinize more than 50 items and every code on your invoice to ensure that your parcel carrier is billing you correctly.  Invalid charges and service failures are automatically reconciled with the carrier.


Your invoice data is compiled for you to analyse. Our shipping analysis reports are the most comprehensive in the industry. This detailed, in-depth reporting gives you complete parcel visibility that enables you to evaluate service performance with drill-downs to shipment integrity, accessorial charges, parcel distributions and service levels in dimensions such as states, zip codes and more. With 40+ customizable reports, we give you complete parcel visibility.


To help you evaluate each carrier, Parcel Audit Partners will compile the most comprehensive outline of your unique shipping characteristics and identify the carrier who exhibits the greatest ability to negotiate. By leveraging our large database of historical shipping information and analysis tools, Parcel Audit Partners can make your shipping profile clearer and more manageable for carriers in negotiations.
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1. We will save you money.  No doubt about it.
2. The initial set up takes only minutes.
3. You will be satisfied. (If you’re not 100% satisfied, you owe us nothing!)
4. We do 100% of the audit work. You do nothing to assist us.
5. We will always provide you with professional, reliable and courteous service.
6. Your account information is protected and secure.

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